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ALEX FINANCE INVESTMENT GMBH is an officially registered company involved in cryptocurrency purchases, trade and private currency exchange streams.

Why is it profitable to work with ALEX FINANCE INVESTMENT GMBH

The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market and especially the rapid growth of bitcoin have ensured high profits. Our financial risk is minimized through diversified investments in various activities.

What are the risks and guarantees for your customers?

Every investment activity has certain risks. The higher the potential profit, the higher the risk you may face. ALEX FINANCE INVESTMENT GMBH seeks to find the best solution to ensure the most acceptable balance between profit and risk. We guarantee the safety of funds and pay the full amount of profits to our customers.

How to become an investor in ALEX FINANCE INVESTMENT GMBH?

When you sign up, you only need to sign in and set a strong password. Set your password to be as complex as possible and don't leak it. This will protect your account from unauthorized access. After registering, enter the bitcoin address that you wish to use to deposit or withdraw profits in the future, as well as emails for further interaction with the company.

How many accounts can I register with ALEX FINANCE INVESTMENT GMBH?

Each ALEX FINANCE INVESTMENT GMBH customer can only register and manage one account. Please follow this rule to avoid unnecessary funding freezes.

Can I open multiple accounts from one computer or IP address?

You can open multiple accounts on the same computer, and if they belong to your relatives or friends, the rules do not prohibit this.

I can't access my account. Do you have any suggestions for me to do it?

First, make sure you have entered the correct login information. If you have forgotten or lost your password, please use the "Forgot Password" feature. Enter the email address provided at the time of registration and click "Reset Password".

Can I delete my account at ALEX FINANCE INVESTMENT GMBH?

Of course can. To do so, please contact our customer support via the feedback form and we will resolve this issue.

What is the payment system you use?

ALEX FINANCE INVESTMENT GMBH accepts investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash. If you do not have a personal Bitcoin address, please register. The best option is to register on these websites www.block.io, coinsbank.com, blockchain.com.

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